Limber Crew



1994 Crew - "George Blackett's Hands"
These are the men on the back of the limber.  Their speed in getting the limber over the Home Wall on the Run Out is vital, as they have also to assemble the rig at the Home Ramp.

Slat Numbers


The two men on the front of the limber. As the limber approaches the wall these two are thrown onto the top of the wall and then bear down on the slat to lever the limber over.

Swing Numbers
These two men are the first to cross the chasm on the Run Out. They swing across on lines suspended from the Rig assembled at the Home Ramp by the remainder of the crew.


Wheel Numbers

One of the more Spectacular tasks. These men have the responsibility of carrying the wheels across the chasm on both the Run Out and the Run Back. Each man carries one wheel weighing 120 pounds over his shoulder.

Gun Crew

The men responsible for the gun. The barrel alone weighs 8 cwt (406 Kg = 896lbs). and so it is important that not only should these men have great strength, but also that their drill be perfect and that they should have utter confidence in the remainder of the crew.