Full Membership of the Association is open to all Ex Members of The Fleet Air Arm Field Gun Crew worldwide. Associate membership may be available, at the discretion of the committee, to people who have maintained a close relationship with Fleet Air Arm Field Gunning.

The Association was founded in 1969 and the aims of the Association are :

To afford Members a means of social intercourse and, with a common interest, perpetuate the principles of Field Gunning, that of team spirit, camaraderie and mutual support


Membership shall be open to all personnel who have taken an active role in any Fleet Air Arm Field Gun Crew

Certain persons may be granted "Associate" membership, at the discretion of the Committee, for their support of, or services to the Fleet Air Arm Field Gun Crew and its' Association. Associate members will have no voting rights.

Membership fees will be reviewed annually at each AGM and adjusted, if and when required, by a formal vote of the Members.

Any Member who allows his subscription to lapse will be sent a reminder. If, having failed to renew after three years, his Membership shall be suspended. Any subsequent renewal will require back payments, up to a maximum of three years.

If any Member is unable to pay his subscription, due to personal circumstances, the Committee may, at its' discretion, excuse payment for such period as is necessary and the Member shall not forfeit the privileges of Membership.


An Annual General Meeting shall be held on a date to be determined by the Committee. Any motion proposed by a Member, for presentation at the AGM, must be received by the Secretary, in writing, at least four weeks prior to the AGM.



The Committee shall consist of the following Officers and elected Members :



President (Patron)

Vice President






Maximum of eight

Officers and Elected Members of the Association shall serve for a period of twelve months

Officers shall be open for election at each AGM, singly, in rotation, commencing with the Vice President.

Elected Members shall be open for election at each AGM.

Members wishing to serve on the Committee must forward their names to the Secretary not later than four weeks prior to the AGM. Each nomination must be proposed and seconded by paid up Members, prior to the AGM.

The Committee shall carry out the day to day business of the Association and shall meet on such occasions as may be deemed necessary in the furtherance of that business.



A Bank Account shall be maintained in the title "Fleet Air Arm Field Gun Crew Association". It shall consist of a Current Account and a Deposit Account.

There shall be three Officers authorised to sign cheques. All cheques shall have two signatures, one of which will be the Treasurer.

The Treasurer is to submit an Annual Statement of Accounts for acceptance at each AGM. The Statement is to be available at least four weeks prior to the AGM.

The Association has an elected committee which is detailed on the contacts page of this website.

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